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Harper Lee, 89, the elusive novelist whose child's-eye view of racial injustice in a small Southern town, "To Kill a Mockingbird," became standard reading for millions of young people and an Oscar-winning film, died on Feb. Umberto Eco, 84, the Italian author who intrigued, puzzled and delighted readers worldwide with his best-selling historical novel "The Name of the Rose," died on Feb.

Sonny James, 87, the country singer who recorded romantic ballads like "Young Love" and turned pop songs into country hits, died on Feb. Tony Burton, 78, who played Apollo Creed's inspirational boxing trainer in the "Rocky" franchise after his own glory days as a young prizefighter, died on Feb.

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George Kennedy, 91, the hulking, tough-guy actor who won an Oscar for his portrayal of a savage chain-gang convict in the s classic "Cool Hand Luke," died on Feb. Lee Reherman, 49, the former Ivy League football star who shot to fame as the towering, muscular Hawk on the popular s television show "American Gladiators," died on March 1.

BBC journalist Hanna Yusuf who wrote about wearing the hijab dies aged 27 | Daily Mail Online

Pat Conroy, 70, the author of "The Great Santini," ''The Prince of Tides" and other best-sellers, whose novels drew upon his bruising childhood and the vistas of South Carolina, died on March 4. Nancy Reagan, 94, an actress who became one of the most high-profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century as the wife of President Ronald Reagan, died on March 6. George Martin, 90, the Beatles' urbane producer who quietly guided the band's swift, historic transformation from rowdy club act to musical and cultural revolutionaries, died on March 8.

Bob Ebeling, 89, the booster rocket engineer who spent decades filled with guilt over not stopping the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, died on March Phife Dawg, 45, the lyricist whose witty wordplay was a linchpin of the groundbreaking hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, died on March Rob Ford, 46, the pugnacious, populist former mayor of Toronto whose career crashed in a drug-driven, obscenity-laced debacle, died on March Garry Shandling, 66, the actor and comedian who masterminded a brand of phony docudrama with "The Larry Sanders Show," died on March Jim Harrison, 78, the fiction writer, poet, outdoorsman and reveler who enjoyed mainstream success in middle age with his historical saga "Legends of the Fall," died on March Patty Duke, 69, who won an Oscar as a teen for playing Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker," then maintained a long career while battling personal demons, died on March Erik Bauersfeld, 93, who turned three words from a minor acting role — "It's a trap!

Merle Haggard, 79, the country giant who rose from poverty and prison to international fame through his songs about outlaws, underdogs and an abiding sense of national pride in such hits as "Okie From Muskogee" and "Sing Me Back Home," died on April 6.

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Doris Roberts, 90, who played the tart-tongued, endlessly meddling mother on "Everybody Loves Raymond," died on April Les Waas, 94, the advertising legend behind the Mister Softee jingle heard in hundreds of ice cream trucks for more than half a century, died on April Chyna, 46, the tall, muscle-bound, raven-haired pro-wrestler who rocketed to popularity in the s and later made the rounds on reality TV, died on April Isabelle Dinoire, 49, the French woman who received the world's first partial face transplant, died on April Papa Wemba, 66, known around the world as "the king of Congolese rumba," died on April Billy Paul, 80, the jazz and soul singer best known for the hit ballad and "Philadelphia Soul" classic "Me and Mrs.

Jones," died on April Afeni Shakur Davis, 69, the former Black Panther who inspired the work of her son, rap icon Tupac Shakur, and fostered his legacy for decades after he was slain, died on May 2. Jane Little, 87, who at under five feet tall played the double bass for 71 consecutive years which earned her the Guinness World Record as the world's longest serving symphony player, died on May Emilio Navaira, 53, the Grammy award winner, who with Selena was known as the king of Tejano music to her queen, died on May Guy Clark, 74, the Texas singer-songwriter who helped mentor a generation of songwriters and wrote hits like "L.

Freeway" and "Desperados Waiting for a Train," died on May Morley Safer, 84, the veteran "60 Minutes" correspondent who exposed a military atrocity in Vietnam that played an early role in changing Americans' view of the war, died on May Alan Young, 96, the actor-comedian who played the amiable straight man to a talking horse in the s sitcom "Mister Ed," died on May Nick Menza, 51, former drummer for the influential metal band Megadeth, died on May Muhammad Ali, 74, the silver-tongued boxer and civil rights champion who famously proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and then spent a lifetime living up to the billing, died on June 3.

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Kimbo Slice, 42, the bearded street fighter who parlayed his Internet popularity into a mixed martial arts career, died on June 6. Theresa Saldana, 61, the "Raging Bull" actress who survived a stalker's brutal attack to become a crime victims' advocate and reclaimed her entertainment career with "The Commish" and other TV shows, died on June 6. Gordie Howe, 88, known as "Mr.

Hockey," the rough-and-tumble Canadian farm boy whose blend of talent and toughness made him the NHL's quintessential star, died on June Christina Grimmie, 22, the singer-songwriter and YouTuber who gained greater popularity on "The Voice," died on June Ron Lester, 45, who played no. Anton Yelchin, 27, charismatic and rising actor best known for playing Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films, died on June Ralph Stanley, 89, the godfather of traditional bluegrass music who found a new generation of fans late in life thanks to his Grammy-winning music for the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Michael Cimino, 77, the Oscar-winning director whose film "The Deer Hunter" became one of the great triumphs of Hollywood's s heyday and whose disastrous "Heaven's Gate" helped bring that era to a close, died on July 2.

e-book Bait and Switch (A Withrow Key Thriller Short Story Book 2)

Noel Neill, 95, the first actress to play Lois Lane — the intrepid journalist with a soft spot for Superman — in the movie serial "Superman," alongside Kirk Alyn, died on July 3. Abbas Kiarostami, 76, Iranian director whose film "Taste of Cherry" won the prestigious Palme d'Or and who kept working despite government resistance, died on July 4. Mark Takai, 49, the U. Tim LaHaye, 90, the co-author of the "Left Behind" series, a multimillion-selling literary juggernaut that brought end-times prophecy into mainstream bookstores, died on July Youree Del Cleomill Harris, 53, an actress who became famous playing the Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo, claiming to know callers' futures in ubiquitous TV infomercials and commercials, died on July The Iraq War was perhaps his finest moment, as he spared no expense in letting the world know exactly how he felt about young people dying for oil.

Who Is Oprah Winfrey?

Over and over again. Elvert Barnes "Look at me!

Celebrity Death Hoaxes: 45 Famous People Who Were Reported Dead… But Weren’t (Photos)

Look at me So it's easy to think of him as a Bono type, a guy who might be annoying, but only because he cares about the suffering in the world too much. Getty He punched three women to steal that cigarette. The two then-rising stars were married in , although nobody really knows why, since the whole thing was a mess from the start. Sure, Penn was a ragehead who dealt with annoying paparazzi by shooting at them , dangling them upside down from balconies, and smacking them with rocks.

But that's not what we're talking about here; his knack for doing the same kind of stuff to Madonna, however, very much is.

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Finally, in , after Penn flew into a rage over Madonna's supposed affair with Warren Beatty, she called the marriage off. Penn responded by turning his abusive nutcase dial up to After he got good and drunk again , Penn climbed into Madonna's house, where she was alone. He then grabbed her, tied her to a chair, and assaulted her for hours, both physically and emotionally. He then went out for more booze, came back, and kept up the beating.

Madonna only escaped after telling Penn that she had to go to the bathroom, which meant he had no problem battering, beating, bloodying, and bruising the supposed love of his life, but felt it would have been too degrading to make her pee in front of him. While Penn was arrested, the charges were dropped because Madonna didn't want to generate a media circus, which may have been the one and only time in her life that Madonna actually wanted the press to go away.

A couple of decades of political activism and two Oscars later, and the world barely remembers an incident that would turn most people into a pariah. But hey, can we really blame him for the immature mistakes he made when he was only, uh, 25 years old?

I See You Man: TV Guide's Exploration Into How TV Depicts Manhood Now

But Murdoch, arguably the most powerful media mogul in the world, is an invaluable ally to any politician. Song Exploder started in and has never changed its tune, but the series manages to stay both evergreen and current by relying on the real core of its inquisition: showing exactly where creativity comes from. A Reporter at Large. In an E. Local papers in Albany portrayed him as an eccentric, appealing genius, noting that he slept only a few hours a night and could juggle and unicycle. As for Tyga These people often get burned themselves.

Punch him right in the glasses. Don't let us imply that dickish celebrity behavior is some kind of recent phenomenon. For instance, there is classic author Charles Dickens. Weird, right? Charles Dickens' ability to market orphans as adorable made him one of the few literary geniuses who actually got recognized during his lifetime. He was basically the 19th century version of a rock star. It's one thing to end a marriage; it's quite another to make your hatred of your spouse as public as humanly possible, which is exactly what Dickens did.

In , a then-unknown Dickens married Catherine Hogarth; by all accounts, it was a pleasant enough marriage, resulting in 10 children. Then, Catherine got fat. This was apparently an unforgivable sin in the Dickens household, where the ability to push out 10 kids must surely mean you can at least do a couple push-ups right after. Mount Vernon Nazarene University "You only ran 5 miles today?

Dutta also alleged that filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri behaved inappropriately towards her while shooting a movie. Agnihotri's lawyer denied the "frivolous" claims. Kangana Ranaut, an actress who worked with Bahl on "Queen", his hit film touching on female empowerment, came out and said that the director would "bury his face in my neck and hold me really tight". Vikas was accused of sexual misconduct at a Phantom Films party in Goa.

A Mumbai comedian, Utsav Chakraborty, last week found himself at the centre of a Twitter storm accusing him of sending lewd messages to women and young girls such as requesting topless photos.

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After an initial dismissal, Chakraborty, who now faces a possible police investigation, tweeted that he has " been the exact monster I've been trying to fight all my life". Chetan Bhagat, one of India's top-selling authors, got himself embroiled in the movement when a woman shared screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between them. The author then went on to issue an apology on Facebook.

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Actor Rajat Kapoor has been called out for alleged sexual harassment on Twitter with two women accusing him of inappropriate behaviour. One journalist shared details of a telephonic interview in which Mr Kapoor allegedly asked her if she was "As sexy as she sounds" and "tell me your vital stats. Rajat posted an apology on Twitter saying, "On Twitter, Rajat Kapoor posted this: "All my life I have tried to be a decent man, to do the right thing.

If however, I have slipped and through my actions or words caused pain or hurt or trauma to absolutely anybody, please accept my apology. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart - and sad that I was the cause of this hurt to another human being. If there is one thing more important to me than even my work, it is to be a good human being. And I have tried to be that person.

And now, I will try harder. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart- and sad that I was the cause of this hurt to another human being. A female journalist has accused singer Kailash Kher of harassment. She said: "This creep kept his hand on my thigh. In his defence, Kailash said in a statement to IANS: "For all those who know me and have come across me, will know how much I respect humanity, especially women, even more for the ones who work in media since their work is difficult. My devotion to music makes me who I am and I am thankful for all the love and support," he said.

Stand-up comedienne Kaneez Surka has accused popular comic Aditi Mitta l of forcefully kissing her and putting her "tongue in my mouth" while she was hosting a show in Aditi has immediately apologised following Surka's revelation and said that it was a "joke".