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The government was compelled to enforce the new laws. Let's take a look. Sometimes it has more or less this meaning, but is better translated as "he himself" or "she herself":. Traveling, perhaps even with Niki Lauda himself as pilot — it's possible from Frankfurt three times a day, in the morning, at midday and in the evening.

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War ja Wir haben It was indeed We were There are a couple of different verbs that translate as "to open" in German, in particular the two above, which can cause some confusion. The museum opened in two thousand six, meanwhile there are more than one hundred fifty pinball machines here. As soon as you've taken your seats, I would like to re-open the suspended session.

Caption 22, Mark Forster - Sowieso. When it was spring, the Bear explained that he had to go now to tend to his treasures. Caption 67, Madsen - auf dem Hessentag. Caption 15, Unterwegs mit Cettina Schlittschuhlaufen - Part 1. See if you can use it one way or another or both!

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The problem for English speakers with learning this is that the phrase is based upon a verb, absehen , which is confusing when used in the "apart from" context, since it is usually translated as "to foresee" or sometimes as "to predict":. Even the adverbial form, absehbar , is usually translated as "foreseeable" or sometimes "predictable":.

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Caption 26, Olympiade in Deutschland - Nicht um jeden Preis. Deswegen war absehbar : Das wird nicht auf ewig so sein, diese Doppelbelastung. Therefore, it was foreseeable that it wouldn't last forever, this double load.

The phrase abgesehen von etwas , however, does not mean that something can be foreseen, but rather:. Apart from the curious tourists on boats, they are relatively undisturbed there,. Captions , Der Merkelpilot - der kleine Mann, der es macht. Aber abgesehen von kleinen Anlaufschwierigkeiten schienen die Tiere schon sehr zufrieden. But apart from minor initial difficulties, the animals seemed to be quite content.

Caption 46, Kochhaus Berlin - Kochen mit Kindern.

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Quite apart from that , the fact that we have, of course, a small number of students. Apart from that , we then wouldn't be here at all if it were dark on Earth Captions , Unser Universum Die Sonne. Further Learning Apart from abgesehen von , can you think of any other ways to express "besides" or "other than?

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Note the use of the dative. Captions , Internationales Trickfilmwochenende - im Biebricher Schloss. Starting at the age of three until enrollment in school, children in Germany are entitled to Caption 20, Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft - Naturgefahrenreport. Further Learning Any time you speak about a deadline in your German class or in a real-life situation, note the use of bis or use it yourself!

Examples could include Bis wann muss die Hausarbeit abgegeben werden? In English, one way of saying that an event is finished or done with is to say that it's "over.

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Caption 36, Apfelkuchen - mit Eva. Caption 7, Beatrice Egli Irgendwann.

Depending upon the context, vorbei can also be translated as "passed," or "gone," or "past," to name a few possibilities:. Caption 45, Kochen mit Cettina - Schweinshaxe. Caption 24, rheinmain Szene - Selig - Part 1. Hint: the direct translation "fat years" isn't quite right! Caption 83, 18 Miss-Kandidatinnen - beim Friseur.

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Pauli rettet HSV - Part 2. In English, we would say "the more you practice, the better you will speak German. Take a look at the examples below, paying special attention to the positions of the adjectives or the words mehr or weniger and the verbs in both clauses. Captions , Kfz-Versicherung - Was ist die Regionalklasse? Caption 4, Im Zoo - Tiere im Winter. So einfach ist das. It's that simple. Caption 25, Haustiere als Geschenk?

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Caption 31, Angela Merkel - beim Nachhaltigkeitsrat - Part 2. Caption 42, Auf dem Laufsteg - Modelcollege in Wiesbaden. All together that is forty euros and fifty cents. Produced by Gerd Stein. Co-produced by Hidenori Hayashi. Cinematography by Roland Willaert. Notes: 75mins compilation. Recording info: Neubauten recorded the Metropol,Berlin on Jan Goarshausen, on Jul Notes: Compiles 40 bands from "Industrial Revolution Vol.

Also tracks by 41 other bands. Universal Records DE,Dec Tracklist: DVD Super 8 movies - Total running time mins.

CD- P1E - 49 sec. MDK - Berlin Total running time 53mins. Impressions from the early 80s Wallcity. Tape Gallery etc. Texts in English. German Texts included on DVD. Special digipak in a slipcase. Never slow to react, infamous German director Christoph Schlingensief soon retaliated with an extraordinary form of protest.

Knife attacks. Political intrigues. An incredibly heated week that captured the European drift to the right in real time. A hardcore route to democracy. Neubauten did a 20 minute performance of which about 30 secs are shown in this film, made in Stephan,Wien on Jun Filmed during the Summer of Recording info: Directed by Thomas Schliesser in Note: Shows a chicken eating a cooked chicken. Track from the "Kalte Sterne" single. Broadcast on May Track from the "Zeichnungen des Patienten O.

T" album. Recording info: Directed by Peter Sempel in Note: Shows a dying butterfly in an empty glass. Track from the "Halber Mensch" album.