They Knew The Prophet

They Knew the Prophet: Personal Accounts From Over 100 People Who Knew Joseph Smith
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As we briefly told of the Restoration and of Joseph Smith, his profile focused in my mind in a most interesting way. It was an unusual experience.

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If they could only feel as I feel. If they could know, as I know, if they could only realize the calling and the role of the Prophet.

I added my witness that Joseph Smith was divinely commissioned as the restorer of the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness, that he was and is a prophet of God, that he sought God in prayer and God spoke to him. Can he speak to man? Is he concerned with individual human needs? A young man not unfamiliar with praying, and responding to his youthful faith, entered a grove and, looking around and finding himself alone, kneeled, and offered up the desires of his heart to God.

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The grove became exceedingly light, brighter than he had ever known. Hear Him! See JS—H — Truth had become perverted. He had looked upon the Father and the Son. They had visited him and instructed him.

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Joseph now knew God is in the form of a man. He has a voice, he speaks, he is kind, he answers prayers. Joseph learned the Son is obedient to the Father and mediator between God and man.


The Lord needed a man of steel, one fearless to withstand ridicule and social and political pressures, one like unto Moses, yet greater. The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth and contains the pure gospel of Christ.

They Knew the Prophet

It is the most precious book possessed by man. During the eventful years from the time of the First Vision in to the June morning of when two wagons bearing the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum Smith slowly made the six-hour trek from Carthage to Nauvoo, the heavens had opened; the foundation of this great work and kingdom in this dispensation had been laid. His Church was organized as anciently. Apostles now held the necessary keys of the priesthood.

The Church of Christ is reestablished with doctrine, ordinances, and authority as commissioned by the Savior when he was on the earth.

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Once again man is ordained with power and authority to carry out His purposes. The doctrine of the restored gospel is comprehensive and complete.

They Knew the Prophet: Personal Accounts From Over 100 People Who Knew Joseph Smith

They knew the prophet [Hyrum Leslie Andrus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Andrus, Hyrum Leslie. Sold by Red Tiger Books and Fulfilled by Amazon. There are many stories about Joseph Smith written by people who think they know him, but never met him. I knew his true character through the diary written by my great great grandfather.I wanted to see what other people who knew him.

That is, man lived before he came to this earth. He is an eternal being. Joseph Smith gave to the world the true understanding of the origin of man, that man comes to earth with a divine and eternal purpose.

From the Life of Joseph Smith

The entire account was so glorious and so unexpected that most people of that day could not accept it. It is not necessary for a man to be a president of a stake, or a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, in order to attain a high place in the celestial kingdom. He arrived to find his brothers dead and the town deserted. Fearing a reprisal from the Mormons, Joseph's foes had fled to the country, as had many of the townspeople.

From house to house the cry spread, "The Mormons are coming.

Governor Ford, returning from having delivered a strong rebuke to the Mormons in Nauvoo, made a hasty exit too. Willard Richards's missive to the Mormons had warned, "The citizens here are afraid of the Mormons attacking them. I promise them no! While they doubled the watch and fortified their guard stations, Joseph's followers wrestled with a grief they had never known. Lucy Meserve Bean Smith reflected on the mood that horrific night: "On the evening of the 27th of June such a barking and howling of dogs and bellowing of cattle all over the city of Nauvoo I never heard before nor since.

I knelt down and tried to pray for the Prophet, but I was struck speechless, and knew not the cause till next morning. Of course the awful deed was already accomplished, when the spirit refused to give me utterance to the prayer the evening before. Each wagon carried a grim cargo in a lidless pine box; prairie brush and branches masked the corpses from the summer sun. Richards, flanked by a handful of militia, escorted the wagons home. The procession reached Nauvoo about p. A line of mourners had begun to form about two o'clock that afternoon. Men, women, and children, still in shock from the news, waited quietly in the streets for the return of their leader.

William Hyde observed, "My soul sickened and I wept before the Lord and for a time it seemed that the very Heavens were clad in mourning. Many of the new converts from Britain, Ireland, and Wales raised a melancholy moan, a keening that could be heard beyond the borders of what was later called the "City of Joseph.

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He was a spiritual scholar and giant at a young age to say the least. July 20, Jan 31, Tim Painter rated it it was amazing Shelves: gospel. He is kind and obliging, generous and benevolent, sociable and cheerful, and is possessed of a mind of a contemplative and reflective character. Brigham married again, this time to a fellow convert named Mary Ann Angell. This first in the literature of the church is the work of Joseph Fielding McConkie, professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University.

Jane James, a young black woman who had been employed at the Smith home, described her feelings of loss: "Yes, indeed. I [knew] the Prophet Joseph. That lovely hand! He used to put it out to me. Never passed me without shaking hands with me wherever he was. Oh, he was the finest man I ever saw on earth. When he was killed. I could have died, just laid down and died. Snow expressed in verse the anguish of all the followers: Had nature's self a heart, her heart would bleed At the recital of so foul a deed For never, since the Son of God was slain Has blood so noble flow'd from human vein The grim procession advanced down Main to Water Street and on to the Mansion House where Joseph and his family had lived since August The people were told to return at eight o'clock in the morning to pay final respects.

Three men prepared the bodies for private grieving and public viewing. They treated the wounds with camphor-soaked cotton and dressed the bodies in "fine plain drawers and shirt, white neckerchiefs, white cotton stockings and white shrouds. After leaning over the coffin, [mother] placed her hand upon the cheek of my father, and in grief-stricken accents said, "Oh, Joseph! Oh, my husband!

My husband! Have they taken you from me at last! The rough slats were covered with black velvet fastened with brass nails, and a glass lid was set over each face. For nine hours the next day, people filed through the dining room of the home where Joseph had hosted church officers, visitors to Nauvoo, and his family and friends. Close to ten thousand mourners paid their respects that day. The coffins were buried in a public ceremony conducted by church leaders. The boxes that were interred, however, were filled with bags of sand and rocks.

Joseph and Hyrum's remains were entombed in the middle of the night in the cellar of the Nauvoo House, a hotel then under construction across the street from Joseph's home. Such a deception was prompted by fears that the graves would be robbed because there was a price on Joseph's head.

They knew the prophet : personal accounts from over 100 people who knew Joseph Smith

News of the death of Joseph Smith raced through the country. His close associates, including most of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, were away on missions and other assignments. Parley P. Pratt, serving in New York, was on a canal boat with his brother William when he felt a powerful, sinister presence. He later learned "it was the same hour that the Carthage mob were shedding the blood of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and John Taylor, near one thousand miles distant.

They Knew the Prophet: Personal Accounts From Over 100 People Who Knew Joseph Smith

Kimball, who was in Baltimore pursuing an effort to place Joseph Smith's name in nomination for president of the United States, recorded: "The papers ware full of News of the death of our Prophet. I was not willen to believe it, fore it was to much to bare.

The first news I got of his death was on Tuesday morning. I cannot bare to think enny thing about it. Those who opposed him believed that the Mormons had been held captive by the Prophet's diabolical powers, and if he were gone, the Mormon effort would collapse.