The Grid: Secret of the Zen Warrior

Martin Faulks, Philippa Faulks, Richard Faulks - Author
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Munck's formula identifies the "grid point value" for the Great Sphinx as According to Michael Lawrence Morton archaeo-cryptographer the known arc distance on Earth from Pole to equator is exactly nautical miles. Also from M. Morton, the polar circumference of Earth is 21, nautical miles. He notes also that according to Munck's earth grid formula, 21, is the precise Grid Latitude of Stonehenge. And again from M. When the Inhuman King Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Bomb , which created a massive rip in space-time known as the Fault, [41] Warlock was able to stop the tear from expanding, but in doing so he had to overlap the timestream, causing himself to turn into the Magus.

As a captive of the Magus, she was subject to the torture of their interrogators in an effort to convert her to the Church's beliefs. For a time, it was believed this had worked but when the other team members broke free of their captors, she fought alongside them. Gamora along with the other Guardians teamed up with Tony Stark to stop a Badoon invasion of Earth specifically London only to be captured by the Spartax forces sent by J'son due to a newly created off-limit rule for Earth.

While the Guardians celebrated their freedom within a bar, Tony Stark hooked up with Gamora. After the two had sex Gamora decided to return to the bar. On her way the warrior was attacked and injured by bounty hunter Maxilin The Accuser, just as she was about to be executed the bounty hunter was shot by Rocket Raccoon.

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Aboard the Guardian's ship Gamora walked into an awkward encounter with Tony in which she simply ignored him. The group detected an object moving towards Earth and proceeded to intercept it. The object turned out to be the newly arrived Angela who was transported from Heven due to the time-space continuum fracture. After barely defeating the overpowering angel and encountering the The Watcher , the Guardians captured Angela.

Angela recollected her story of struggle into the universe and was set free under Star-Lord's command. Gamora later fought alongside Angela against the Badoon slave traders and the two became close friends. The heroes were tracked down by Mister Knife's cosmically-empowered Slaughter Lords and overpowered. After Beast of the X-Men submitted to the Black Vortex, attaining cosmic powers, and X attempted to destroy it, Gamora used the Black Vortex to show both teams, along with Sam Alexander, what they stood to gain by submitting to its power. Beast and Angel submitted to the Black Vortex, and accompanied Gamora in a journey to attempt to empower the entire universe.

In retaliation, they attacked Hala. Magik and Rocket Raccoon later tracked them down and talked sense into them, so they could help them fight J'son and his Slaughter Lords.

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Before getting rid of the Vortex, some of the cosmically empowered heroes decided to remove their cosmic powers, Gamora wasn't one of them. Gamora left the Guardians of the Galaxy after her presence in Spartax caught the attention of Kindun , a vengeful victim of Thanos and Gamora's attacks many decades ago, thinking herself to be a threat to the safety of her teammates.

The conflict also helped Gamora realize the kind of power she held, and decided to use it to hunt down Thanos once and for all. The following months, Gamora worn out the enhancements of the Black Vortex, having exerted them on her arduous search for Thanos, [57] which bore no results as Thanos was temporarily existing outside the universe. Gamora tried to stop her from reaching Spartax , targeting Peter Quill for being J'son son, but failed.

Together with the rest of her teammates, Gamora was summoned to Earth by their friend Captain Marvel to assist her during the second superhuman civil war. Following a brawl with Captain Marvel, Gamora decided to cut her ties with the Guardians of the Galaxy when she learned that Captain Marvel had discussed the situation regarding Thanos in secret with Star-Lord. Gamora attempted to break into the Triskelion once again, but was stopped by the combined forces of the Ultimates and Alpha Flight.

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Captain Marvel updated her on Thanos' status, claiming that he was no longer on Earth, and gave her an ultimatum, to be escorted out of Earth by the Shi'ar or face Earth's justice system. While being delivered to the Imperial Guard , Gamora escaped and made her way back to the Triskelion and into Thanos' cell, which she discovered was completely empty.

Having forced Captain Marvel's hand, Gamora was locked inside that very same cell that held her father. She stood in front of him when he laid defeated, and decided to spare his life after seeing him humbled. After experiencing reoccurring dreams concerning encounters with an older version of herself, Gamora came to the realization that a portion of her soul remained trapped inside the Soul World.

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Determined to set it free, Gamora set out to find the Soul Gem. To perform missions for him with the Guardians of the Galaxy in exchange for information, hoping to find about the Soul Gem this way. He made a deal with Gamora, offering his assistance in stealing the Soul Gem if it turned out the Grandmaster possessed, in exchange for the Infinity Gem Gamora bluffed about possessing. When the Collector interrupted the Guardians' rendezvous with their client, the Grandmaster revealed he had challenged his brother just to test him.

The Collector and the Grandmaster learned that some of their fellow Elders were mysteriously altered or gone, and determined they could be linked to the disappearance of the Infinity Stones. Since helping the Grandmaster and the Collector gather the stones aligned with her plans, Gamora convinced her teammates to embark on a quest to find them. They were approached by Adam Warlock and Kang the Conqueror, who had joined forces to find the Time Stone and already had the Soul Gem in their possession. Gamora attempted to force Warlock to hand over the Soul Gem, and a fight broke out.

During the battle, Drax managed to hold it, but was exposed to the corruption of Soulworld. He struck Gamora to prevent her from opening the gem, and departed with Warlock and Kang.

The Grid: Secret of the Zen Warrior

In addition to Drax's betrayal, the other Guardians refused to follow Gamora into pursuing Kang. Outraged by her teammates' behavior, Gamora left them to obtain the Soul Gem on her own. In order to help her quest, Gamora kidnapped a master forger from Nidavellir and forced him to make her an armor, killing him afterwards.

After being felled, Thanos remarked that Gamora was going to conduct his requiem.

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Despite brushing off her father's comment and killing him, [73] Gamora decided to adopt that word as her new alias, and became known as Requiem. Requiem subsequently interruped a conclave of the new Infinity Watch to steal the Infinity Stones, and her true identity was quickly revealed to her former allies.

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Star-Lord was surprised by Gamora's uncharacteristic behavior, and she tried to kill him, [6] he was only saved by the intervention of Doctor Strange using the Time Stone. As the conflict continued, Gamora managed to get her hands on the Reality Stone , and quickly claimed the remaining Stones from their owners. Encouraged by Thanos' apparition, Gamora hesitantly opened a portal to the Soul Gem and reunited with the fragment of herself, becoming whole again. She then set out to rebalance the Soul Gem. To prevent opposition from her quest and to feed the being Devondra , who was responsible for the Soul Gem's hungering for souls, Gamora used the Infinity Stones to fold the universe in half and merge the two halves together before sending the new universe into a pocket dimension called Warp World inside the Soul Gem.

Gamora planned to create a reality once Devondra devoured all the souls and ensure that suffering no longer existed in this new universe. She also sealed Loki into the Soul Gem when he asked to be her counsel.

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Gamora and Loki's companion Flowa then traveled to the God Quarry so Gamora could investigate what laid beneath it as she couldn't see past it. Even with the Infinity Stones, Gamora was unable to breach the barrier at the bottom of the God Quarry. However, Loki used his sorcery to take control of Gamora's Infinity Stones and used them to send her and the alternate reality Phyla-Vell and Moondragon to Warp World before transporting himself to the unknown realm that existed beneath the God Quarry. With Adam Warlock's help, the Cosmic Avengers restored the universe while also allowing Warp World to remain in existence.

They arrived on Earth and crash-landed in Egypt. Phyla-Vell and Moondragon wanted to punish Gamora for destroying their universe, even though that was the work of a different Gamora. Adam Warlock decided to send Gamora to a random location using the Infinity Stones in order to redeem herself.


This is Stephen's first collaboration with the celebrated director Tim Pope. While many argue we need evil for good to exist and all that esoterica, we happen to be living in a time of great imbalance. Munck's formula identifies the "grid point value" for the Great Sphinx as According to Michael Lawrence Morton archaeo-cryptographer the known arc distance on Earth from Pole to equator is exactly nautical miles. I want to…. Add your own testimonial! Read more. The following months, Gamora worn out the enhancements of the Black Vortex, having exerted them on her arduous search for Thanos, [57] which bore no results as Thanos was temporarily existing outside the universe.

Gamora ended up on an unknown planet with a resurrected Magus. When it was learned from Thanos' will that he planned to resurrect himself by uploading his consciousness into an unrevealed being, many assumed it was Gamora. So, Gamora's uncle Starfox formed the Dark Guardians to prevent this.

Gamora was on Halfworld at the time keeping an eye of ex-Guardian Rocket. She was later picked up by the Guardians to protect her from harm. However, the Dark Guardians followed Gamora's ex-lover Nova, knowing that he would search for her and warn her of their intent.

Once Nova found Gamora, the Dark Guardians attacked Nova and the Guardians, forcing them to crash-land on an unnamed planet. As the Dark Guardians were about to kill Gamora, they were attacked by the Asgardian death goddess Hela and the Black Order who planned to resurrect Thanos. Hela then revealed that Thanos planned to come back in Starfox's body, not Gamora's. Thanos' consciousness took control of Starfox shortly after. When the Guardians arrived to rescue Gamora, they found Gamora surrounded by the Dark Guardians, who explained what happened.

Gamora rejoined the Guardians who with the remaining Dark Guardians attacked Hela's hideout in Knowhere to stop Thanos' resurrection. While Thanos was transferring his consciousness from Starfox's body into his, Gamora stabbed Starfox with a sword in order to stop it. However, this only caused Thanos to be brought back with a broken mind. Search for:. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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