The Complete Facebook Killer: Parts 1,2 and 3.

Facebook’s Libra Coin — Bank Killer or Crypto Saviour?
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By the end of the second series, the audience is left with the inescapable conclusion that the State of Wisconsin convicted Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey using falsified evidence and a coerced confession. What I find depressing is the obvious culpability of at least four members of the Wisconsin law enforcement, along with their immediate superiors. At least six men, who all swore to protect and serve the people of Wisconsin, actively undermined the course of justice and are perfectly happy to see two innocent men rot in prison.

What evil scum these men are. What defies belief is the way in which the State of Wisconsin, and in particular the Attorney General, are totally obsessed with keeping Brendan Dassey in prison for several more decades. This smirking Attorney General looks so damned pleased with himself and is using every means at his disposal, to keep an innocent young man behind bars for the next forty odd years. The Teresa Halbach murder investigation has now been sucked into a cesspit of corruption and self protection within the Wisconsin justice system.

Excuse my language, but Fuck these Bastards! Fuck Barry Smith - or whatever the hell his name is. Steve and Laura will welcome your support. If you object to the way Brendan Dassey has been treated - now is the time to speak up.

There needs to be a powerful wave of public protest that not even the corrupt core of Wisconsin law enforcement can withstand. The Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth is dedicated to representing people like Brendan, with the ultimate goal of reforming police interrogation tactics in order to reduce the risk of false and involuntary confessions in the future.

3 Killer Facebook Ad Types You Probably Aren’t Using

This could happen to you or your loved ones. The only protection against it is to help Steve and Laura re-define the way that police can legally interview juveniles. And that will require us all to be very angry and demand change. And with people creating, posting and interacting with more videos on Facebook, the composition of News Feed is changing. Globally, the amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.

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If you sell your wares online, prospects will receive notifications across all their apps and devices to remind them of your promotion. Engagement basically is about bringing quality content to your Facebook Page as well as trying to hold conversation with your fans. Thanks for sharing such a insightful article! I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back from now on. You can also run Facebook contests directly on your fan page. Much obliged for sharing such a sagacious article!

Small and midsize business SMB advertisers caught on to videos quickly -- and they aren't going to stop and wait for you. That percentage increased to Budweiser followed suit. In September, it posted 32 videos, of which 19 were Facebook videos.

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In May, Budweiser posted about 60 YouTube videos to Facebook, of which fewer than 10 videos used Facebook's functionality; in September, those numbers flipped. Don't listen to the experts. Remember: I invested hundreds of dollars to get just a few views.

Videos you launch that people neither watch nor respond to have little value. This change will affect all videos uploaded directly to Facebook. Just uploading a video to your Page doesn't cut the mustard. In order to rank, that video needs to get played, shared, liked and talked about. There are 2 ways to see the Average View Duration for each of your videos.

Let's take a look at them:. These numbers are actually in milliseconds ms. So ms is In this tab, you'll find the metrics that show you the breakdown of your videos' performance in the following ways:. If you're a mobile app developer, you can create video ads to promote your app. Remember to include a call-to-action button that leads the viewer to download your app directly!

In maxim 1, I pointed out that Facebook counts autoplays in the tally. YouTube reports intentional clicks only, not autoplays. How many Facebook videos start, but are never viewed? Here's something else to consider: YouTube content creators aren't flocking to Facebook just yet as many suppose.

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This is a serious threat to YouTube, as marketers are going to continue to use the network that is most effective for gaining engagement. Basically, there are no signs of the trend reversing from its current path. If you really want to learn how to sell on Facebook, you should take pains to learn this crucial lesson: Data is only as good as the interpretation.

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Millions of content creators on YouTube are earning money off their videos through the Partner Program. Don't believe the reports that YouTube is down for the count.

Fatal Chicago shooting captured on Facebook Live

It just caters to a different crowd. There are plenty of video editing tools out there, but before most of them were rather clunky and made sense only to professional video editors. For example, I just came back from a trip to Europe. While there, I visited more than 15 cities over 4 months. You no longer have have to invest days or months trying to learn how to operate a photo or video editing monstrosity.

The new tools make it easy. If you've not yet done so, check out Canva and be amazed rumor has it they will release a video-editing tool this year. There isn't a clear winner since there are several subcategories within video editing.

The Complete Facebook Killer: Parts 1,2 and 3. M.L. Stewart

Selections range from simple animation boards and template video editing to advanced video editing. I'm going to go out on a limb and make 3 predictions for those who want to learn how to sell on Facebook. Video Marketing edition is going to see some changes Let's be frank.

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Book 1 of 3 in The Facebook Serial Killer (3 Book Series) . Complete Series It' ll never be considered great literature, but a free part 1 and a cheap part 2 all. The Amazon and Apple bestseller. Now available in one complete book. Dermott Madison has lost everything. His wife, daughter, and his cherished home.