Snapshots from the In Between, A Companion Volume of Verse for A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls

Twentieth-Century English Literature
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A former Buddhist shares his testimony of how God's love brought him from a place of nothingness to a place of joy. In the aftermath of Ebola, international workers in Guinea share the love of Jesus to those impacted by the epidemic.

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Alliance workers in Liberia share how a marriage class they started has led to changed lives in spite of turmoil. John Stumbo shares his hope to lead like Jesus and wash the feet of those around Him. A pastor in Jerusalem shares the hope of revival as believers in Israel and Palestine come together to pray. Tim Crouch shares Isaiah and John the Baptist's proclamation of the Lord and how it pertains to the current church.

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An Alliance pastor in the Philippines seeks revival for his church to become more missions-minded. An Alliance leader in Indonesia shares his gratefulness for the missionaries of years ago that gave their lives for the gospel. The president of the Alliance World Fellowship emphasizes the biblical foundation of the Alliance and its importance for us. The daughter of an Alliance pastor shares the message of Psalm and its role in her family's ministry.

At LIFE , Tim Meier enforces the countercultural, biblical message that to save our lives, we must lose our lives. John Stumbo reminds us to allow others to meet Jesus and not get too focused on the way we do ministry. Melissa MacDonald and John Stumbo discuss the importance of humility in a great leader. A pastor in Baghdad shares how the Lord is working in lives despite threats of terrorism and persecution. Alliance camps across the United States serve as outlets for children to grow in community, take risks, and learn about God.

An Alliance pastor from the Netherlands shares the history and purpose of the Alliance World Fellowship. A Peruvian missionary to the UK shares his realization about obedience to the call to missions.

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An Alliance pastor from Lima, Peru, testifies to the work of the Holy Spirit in the local church and beyond. At the Alliance World Fellowship, John Stumbo reminds us that our mission is complete when all have heard about Jesus. A poem is recited that reflects the goal of the Alliance to pursue Christ together.

Dennis Whalen encourages the Alliance family around the world to take ownership of their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As followers of Jesus, we are called to love those around us just as He loves us. Jonathan Schaeffer challenges the Alliance family to take faith-filled risks to share the gospel with unreached peoples.

John Stumbo reminds us that the Lord answers prayer in His timing so that His glory is revealed.

John Stumbo reminds the Alliance family that we can do ministry from wherever God has placed us. Mitch Kim reminds us to prayerfully seek answers from the Word of God for our problems rather than the words of men. John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to continually make disciples who make disciples.

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John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to create networks of reproducing churches. John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to create self-sustaining, local ministries. John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to build relationships and know the culture of the people we serve.

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The check all you do is to take it to your bank and deposit the check, once it clears this is first errands assignment you do. Tom From: Thomas Preston [zizicathomas yahoo. FROM: NZ store Hello Thanks for your patience and understanding so far you asked us to wait for 14 days and 2 days have gone now okay or just try to do anything in your might to come up with some money so we can finalize this okay.. He describes the Maniates as robbbers and tells of their skill with the bow and arrow a local shoots an orange off his own son's head in a more exotic variation on the William Tell legend. Amy McDaniel runs Atlanta, a very small press that publishes poetry and short prose, and teaches high school English. As a spoken word poetry performer, shared stages with Lydia Lunch, John Sinclair, Andrei Codrescu, , Lorri Jackson and many other fine writers speaks to a writing and performance career that is now life-long. Joseph Earl Thomas.

John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to create lasting fruit among believers so they keep spreading the gospel. John Stumbo shares one of the goals of missions: to be responsible for evaluating the status of our ministry. Dennis Whalen shares how the efforts of The Alliance are assisting refugee families in the Middle East.

Ralph Adamo

The legacy of George Breadan and other Alliance missionaries in the Middle East is an example for the Alliance family today. John Stumbo encourages the Alliance family to strive for diversity among the body of Christ. John Stumbo reminds us of Christ's plan that all peoples would come before Him to worship.

Amidst terrorist threats in Europe, a missionary reminds us to follow the commands of Christ rather than the words of men.


Charles Galbreath proclaims his conviction that the church should be a refuge for those in need. John Stumbo invites the Alliance family to join the Lord in His work around the world. John Stumbo encourages us with the truth that even in our times of doubt and grief, the Holy Spirit will fill us with peace. John Stumbo reminds us that the Alliance provides ways for us to serve refugees and lost people if we will seek the Lord.

Individuals in the Alliance family share their stories of meeting Jesus for the first time. Alliance workers in Kosovo provide physical and spiritual healing to a boy and his family. Alliance workers strive to build not just a church but a greater community of believers in Montevideo, Uruguay. A Chilean pastor working in Paraguay explains how the legacy of Alliance missions inspired him and others to "go. Mike Gmetro from Crown College shares his story of physical healing and deepening his walk with Jesus.

A man in Kosovo shares how God's love became real to him and how he hopes to introduce that love to others.


Editorial Reviews. Review. Jim Lindsey was a runner-up for the United States Poetry Award. Snapshots from the In Between, A Companion Volume of Verse for A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls - Kindle edition by Jim Lindsey. Religion. Snapshots from the In Between, A Companion Volume of Verse for A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls eBook: Jim Lindsey: Kindle Store.

Raed Awabdeh explains how the ministry of George Breaden in Arabia decades ago helped form the church of Syria today. John Stumbo reminds us of the urgency to clearly communicate the gospel to the unreached peoples of our world. John Stumbo emphasizes that our true identity in Christ is found not through our works but in our relationship with Him. A Cambodian woman shares her story about finding Jesus and forgiving her former oppressors. A father shares the story of his son Oumar's physical healing and his family's newfound hope in Jesus.

A Chilean pastor and his wife share their journey of raising up a church and joining the Lord in His mission for the lost. Alliance workers tell their story of planting a church in Chile and passing the baton of leadership on to Chilean nationals. John Stumbo, in France, tells of a woman moved by an Alliance worker's answered prayer for her child's healing.

A young Russian couple shares how God helped them become willing to serve Him in another country.

712 (Because I could not stop for Death)

An English man living in France tells of how God delivered him from alcoholism to sobreity. A man in Kosovo shares how a local recycling business has become an outreach to workers in need of Jesus. A Congolese Christian gives his testimony about finding peace and security in Jesus.

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Alliance workers in Indonesia serve children and youth in their community and show them the unconditional love of Jesus. John Stumbo reminds the Alliance family of our privilege to love others in the name of Jesus. A Congolese Christian shares his passion for ministering to local youth, specifically in the school he started. An Alliance worker couple in London reminds us that missions can be risky, but serving Christ is worth the risk. Addressing our country's recent racial tensions, Dr. John Stumbo reminds us that the body of Christ must be united. At Alliance Council , Dr.

John Stumbo urges the Alliance family not to become complacent but instead to rise up in faith. John Stumbo challenges the Alliance family to pursue God together beyond what they know or what is comfortable. A church planter in Lincoln, Nebraska reminds the Alliance family to look in their own backyards for where Jesus wants to work.

Alliance church leaders in Florida testify to how the Lord can multiply ministry when disciples make disciples selflessly.

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Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero remind the Alliance family of God's love for the whole world, without prejudice or limits. Bryan Lorritts encourages the Alliance family to be a church family of every tribe, tongue, and nation. Ted Kang challenges the Alliance family to renew our desire to send leaders and spread the gospel.

He speaks the Word, but He invites us to ask," says Kelvin Walker. Alliance pastors in northern California share how God is healing them, their churches, and their communities after the tragic wildfires in The seeds of the gospel are beginning to take root in Portugal and will one day bear fruit.

Alliance workers labor to revive the church in Germany, which, amidst the ornate cathedrals, is viewed as antiquated and irrelevant. Raed Awabdeh shares how the Arab-American Learning Center in Sacramento cares for the physical and spiritual needs of refugees. In a Christ-transformed village in Burkina Faso, families come to church to pray, sing, dance, and rejoice in the Lord! Alliance workers in the Kenedougou region of Burkina Faso celebrate God's faithfulness in multiplying His church.

While hiking the Manitou Incline, John Stumbo reminds us that some things aren't meant to be done alone. Ministry is one of them. President John Stumbo admonishes us to focus on what is good, true, right, lovely, and peace giving in the midst of life's noise. Greg and Danielle from Alaska share how God turned their lives from despair to hope. Melissa MacDonald encourages us to see children as part of the serving and worshipping church. Children's disciplemaking specialist Melissa MacDonald urges us to instruct and guide children beyond just the point of conversion.

A couple in Paraguay gives the testimony of how their third child was born healthy despite a devastating prognosis from doctors. Syrian refugee families express their gratitude to CAMA workers and church members who help provide for their needs. A man in Puerto Rico, once facing a severe illness, finds healing as he trusts in God and receives prayer from his Alliance church family. An Alliance worker in Indonesia uses soccer to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with boys in the community.

Alliance workers in London explore creative, relevant approaches to forming meaningful relationships within a very "private" culture. Simpson, about the need to be meek, broken, and yielded. John Stumbo shares a story of a Middle Eastern woman in Paris hoping to go back and share Christ with her unbelieving family.