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But a hate group is hunting the Wilding pack, so.

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Mjetek finds himself in Auschwitz after taking part in Zionist underground activities trying to fight against the Nazi occupation of Warsaw. He meets his brother and understands that their entire family has been massacred and that their days are numbered. At workin a factory, a melted piece of ir. Alternately heart-wrenching and heartwarming--and delivered in an engaging dual-author format Days to Live will speak to anyone struggling with an "incurable" disease, building a business under trying circumstances, or anyone who just loves a good old-fashioned, "beating-the-odds" story.

High-class sisters Nellie and Claire Preston take a wild-west adventure where they find small-town cowboys, devilish outlaws, scandalous family secrets, and the blush of new love. A perfect, clean page-turner for anyone in search of a feel-good western historical-romance. A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis.

With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all except horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of.

Alyssa Cressfield always wanted a pet—a big, sexy man who would look impressive on a leash. Now, she is finally ready to realize her dream. She visits a pet training center, intending to buy a trained pet. Instead she finds Jax, a fierce human-alien hybrid freshly caught from space, still untamed. There was a time when Taliesin Weaver thought being able to access the memories and skills of past lives was cool. Unfortunately, he has a secret enemy from one of those past lives who wants him dead--or worse.

Clean Romance Series Prequel — Some people makes plans Find out how the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series began, and how Lora discovered the sleepy rural t. What is a home? She adjusts to her new surroundings the only way she knows how, by finding little mysteries to. Having grown up amongst the Family of Assassins, ELEN-AI knows well the prices people are willing to pay to see their enemies fall quickly, quietly, and discreetly.

When she is asked to preserve life rather than take it, she i. Jeb wants a family. Zach wants to find gold. Juan wants revenge.

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They recover Becky but kill Miguel and his gang in a bloody. She never imagined that fate would catapult her into the surreal world of Isaac Coles, mega film star. Smoking Hot. Modern day Cinderellas, handsome royalty, and business empires run from glass skyscrapers! The end of the world is just the beginning.

First, came the quakes. Then, the hounds and the infected. Finally, the hunter. Smarter, stronger, and harder to avoid. When bestselling author Eve Michaels puts an ad out seeking hands-on experience in farming for her latest book, she never expects to discover more than about agriculture and horses. She's set in her single city life until a desperate woman answers the ad Destiny is calling her.

Lucas is a mess—broken when he lost his mate—and in no shape to claim a new one. Can he break down the walls ar. Adrienne Morales is a hunted woman. Stalked by Voids—people immune to magic—and pursued by a deadly past, Adrienne wants nothing more than to avoid spells and sorcery. Her powers as an enchantress make that impossible. Somehow through it, all the story is hopeful, positive, humoro. One girl, three immortals, and the underworld to redeem. But the mark on her wrist proves otherwise.

Thrust into a world full of lies and deception, she has no alternative but to trust the three banished immortals who inform he. Believing in second chances, Tessa follows her heart and lets Xavier back into her life.

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Just when things. For the past seventy years, deep in the mountains and totally secluded from civilization, a matriarchal society has thrived. In this small village there are no brothers, no fathers, no sons. In this village men exist only to serve the women, and boys have no mothers. In this village men do as they a.

Fun and hilarious characters take center stage in this action-packed mystery. Professional poker player Nadia Wolf is knocking down arrogant men one hand at a time. Are you searching for an exotic destination with fascinating history, turquoise colored sea, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife?

Carla Cassidy

After vacationing and exploring many exotic destinations all over the world, the traveler Amit Offir arrives in Malta to enjoy everything the island has to offer. From to , the world was blessed with the once-in-a-lifetime genius Nikola Tesla. From his explorations of alternating currents to harnessing the power of Niagara Falls, he worked hard to bring society not only into the twentieth century but far beyond.

The Pakistan Conspiracy, A Novel of Espionage, is a suspenseful Al Qaeda terror thriller that charts a conspiracy against the human race in the months following Osama Bin Laden's capture and death in One look… That was all it took for Gabe Maguire to realize something was missing in his life.

After beating cancer and returning to the cage to claim victory in the octagon, Gabe was ready to settle into his life in Hope Falls as a firefighter. The sexy MMA champion was grateful to be alive but s. Why would a collector of ancient American artifacts hand over his prized pieces to a historian and then shoot himself in the head? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved. Grim Reapers.

PDF Silver River Romeo (Western Cowboy Romance - Coles Story) (Rancher Romance Book 1)

Saving lives. Lessons in love. For some, it's a fictitious world. But for Debra Stone, it's everyday life. After a chance encounter with a man she enjoys throws her down a path she almost can't believe, she struggles to cope with her newfound purpose. Ushering sou. Add Peacemakers to your cart now to get the special launch price!

When is war a just war? Should outsiders intervene in civil wars, and how?

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Jack Macleef is the captain of the ship in a world where space travel has only recently become the n. In this six-story building, most who occupy the rooms are long-term residents, though some stay for as little as an hour. We've brought the heat with paranormal bad boys who will leave you begging for mor. Two households, both alike in dignity The Blossoms of and the Dudes of each lost a member to flippin' Love. Insert eye-roll here. What's a well-brought up young lady to do when she finds herself becoming a vampyre? On the one hand, Lady Charlotte Chalmers would rather cut off her own hand than court social disgrace.

On the other hand, a girl needs to eat. And that's Lady Charlotte's dilemma. Lady Charlotte's Dilemma is a no. Welcome to Sweethome, a town owned by the cruel Thacker family. The second Matt Banister Western exposes town corruption to religious persecution. From the world of professional boxing to the farthest northern logging camps and the human suffering and tragedies in between. I'm just a small-town girl working undercover as a sex slave in order to expose an international human trafficking ring.

Sounds crazy, right? But I'm not alone.

Cowboy romance novel -Stranded, Stalked and finally sated by Amelia Rose-Western romance Novels

Psychoanalyst, philosopher, gentlemen, and friend—the Frenchman is to hot sex what cr. I can see myself here, building a life with him. Elias was my first love, and now. A debutante and the heir to a duke in an arranged marriage. She cuts in shadows and hides her scars under satin and lace.