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Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! A suffix that stinks of corruption. This list is not FDA-approved.

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Sit back and enjoy some reading. You all would not have guessed some of these.

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Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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Power Play on ARY News All Programs List,Pakistani Talk shows,Live News, Jobs and Employment,Breaking News and Political Discussion Forum. A powerplay is the name for the fielding restrictions in Limited overs cricket. Unlike Test cricket, the fielders are spread out to save runs in limited overs cricket .

It's a bird? It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. What is it?

  • Bericht zur Unterrichtseinheit Umgang mit Sachtexten in der Grundschule (German Edition).
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Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a time. Twenty-four years later, my parents and I have fully recovered from our respective shocks, I am still playing around with hazardous equipment — currently as a physicist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts — and the mishandling of energy sources on a far larger scale is now threatening not just my existence but that of tens of thousands of species worldwide.

Unlike toddler-me, today, we cannot plead ignorance. Even if global warming is kept to 1. Warming beyond that point to just 2. Yet the emission levels countries have volunteered to aim for following the Paris agreement will warm Earth by approximately 3.

Leafs connect on the power play, Tavares scores in OT as Toronto downs Vegas 2-1

This failure of the global political establishment to adequately address climate change has prompted a hunger for some sort of transformative breakthrough, either of the political or of the technological kind. Our best hope for the former — already expressed in a global wave of climate activism — might be an unprecedented political movement which dramatically ups the pressure to act more determinedly in the face of a crisis.

Nuclear fusion is a process by which pairs of light atomic nuclei unite while releasing enormous amounts of energy. It is the mechanism that powers the Sun and other stars, and a principle that researchers have long hoped to harness to build nuclear-fusion power plants.

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In theory, such plants could be fuelled with sustainably sourced hydrogen isotopes for thousands of years, while being safer than nuclear-fission plants and producing zero long-lived nuclear waste. Unfortunately, they also come with a catch: building them is incredibly hard. This is because nuclear fusion on Earth requires temperatures in the order of tens of millions of degrees Celsius, at which the fusion fuel behaves as a riotous plasma. The difficulty in governing the behaviour of this plasma is the key reason why nuclear-fusion power plants do not exist today, despite over sixty years of extensive research.

Nevertheless, those years have resulted in many valuable insights, and a clean-energy future thanks to nuclear fusion seems more realistic today than ever before.

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To be announced Online application submission closes. For innovators who wish to obtain the assistance or advice of a business consultant relating to the preparation of a business plan required in the application to this KITE Power Play event, the innovators must first prepare a 1 to 2 page pre-submission document describing their technology, product or service offering and any other information they would like the consultant to consider, and submit this document to Sophia Li at Yue.

Li uhn. As the business consultant is available to provide up to but not more than twelve minute sessions i.

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Contact information of the business consultant will be provided to the first 12 innovators to schedule meetings directly with the consultant. Online competition closes on Friday, October 18 th , at p.

  • Ein kurzer Roman über die Schrecklichkeit der Liebe (German Edition).
  • Seeing Stars: The Night Sky Through Small Telescopes (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series).
  • Salems Secret;

What is the unmet need? Why will people buy your product or service? What is the key benefit — the unique selling point? If the business is in the form of a company or partnership, how long has the entity been in operation and what has been accomplished to date?

What are your sales and expense expectations? If you win a prize in this competition, how will the funds be used? Please note that by submitting the business plan to the KITE Power Play Pitch Competition, you acknowledge that you have provided us with the necessary rights to evaluate your business product, solution, concept and strategy in connection with your participation in the KITE Power Play event. Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, October 22 nd ,