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Despite the defense systems, the Watchtower was damaged by the Sinestro Corps. In addition to this, the satellite's teleportation system was hacked by Hardware after he infiltrated the Hall of Justice disguised as a tourist. In the season 6 episode 11, "Justice", of the television series, Smallville ; Impulse , Green Arrow , Cyborg , Aquaman , and Clark Kent work to destroy a secret metahuman research facility owned by Lex Luthor. Chloe Sullivan provides directions and schematics from Oliver Queen's loft, and is given the codename "Watchtower".

In the season 8 episode 17, entitled "Hex", Chloe Sullivan is at the Isis Foundation which treats victims of kryptonite mutation and Oliver Queen arrives. He asks her if she's ready to give up her life as a reporter, and she confidently answers yes. She hands him a headset and takes one for herself. Oliver announces "Arrow online", and the shot comes to Chloe as she says "Watchtower is officially online".

In the season 8 season finale, Jimmy Olsen reveals what was to have been his wedding gift to Chloe.

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There is a large weight of evidence that can be used to prove this year wrong. The Watchtower reasoning makes Josephus works contradictory. Although only team members have access to these passwords and system, the security can be circumvented using a handheld fingerprint scanner and a password hacker. There was no way to tell which of the cooks it was. There is a large weight of evidence that can be used to prove B.

It is a large clock tower building located in the heart of Metropolis , very similar to the Clocktower used in the comics by Oracle. In the season 9 premiere, the tower is equipped with advanced computer systems, funded by Oliver Queen. The Watchtower is used as a base for the Justice League and other heroes for the rest of the season.

Justice League Watchtower

In season 10 , Tess Mercer takes over as Watchtower in Chloe's absence. In the season 11 comic book series, a subplot have the team trying to set up Watchtower hubs, in all cities inhabited by the members of the team and constructing a base on the moon. In the final mini series Smallville Season Continuity , the Watchtower building is destroyed and replaced with the outpost on the moon. In the animated series Batman Beyond , the headquarters of the Justice League of the future is called the Watchtower, and is located in Metropolis.

It has a training room, plus a tank for Aquagirl. It first appeared in the season three episode "The Call: Part One. Both are space stations, similar to the Justice League Satellite.

Scifi / Fantasy - Watchtower Series - Anna Marie May

Both were built and financed by Batman 's alter ego, Bruce Wayne. The original Watchtower was introduced in the first episode of the Justice League series, "Secret Origins.

Collected Essays and Theories on the novels in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.

Over The Moon (Watchtower Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Anna Marie May. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Over The Rainbow (Watchtower, #1), Over the Moon (Watchtower, #2), Out of the (Werewolf) Closet (Watchtower, #3), Icelands (Watchtower, #4), and Siren S.. Book 1. Over The Rainbow. by Anna Marie May. · Ratings · 14 Reviews .

Access to the Watchtower was primarily via the "Javelin-7", a form of personal spaceplane. This station made its last appearance in the season two finale, " Starcrossed. Both the generator and the Watchtower were destroyed Batman was rescued at the last second by Superman.

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When the series resumed under its new title, Justice League Unlimited , a new, much larger [ citation needed ] Watchtower was unveiled. The Watchtower now has a large kitchen, meeting, and medical facilities, and it is strongly implied [ citation needed ] that some members of the League live on the station full-time. Access to the station is primarily via a Star Trek -style teleporter , which is used by Watchtower employees who, it is implied, work there as regular day jobs.

In the episode "Task Force X" a group of employees are shown going to a remote farmer's field in order to be transported up to the station.

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The second Watchtower was fitted with extensive weaponry to defend Earth against extraterrestrial invasions, most notably a " binary fusion generator ", a directed-energy cannon pointing down at the Earth. This cannon would later lead to conflict between the League and the American government. The Watchtower not named as such also appears in the Justice League of America live action film. It seems to be J'onn J'onzz 's spaceship docked underwater and it is reached via an elevator from under a bridge in New Metro City.

On the two part episode of The Batman animated series entitled "The Joining," the Watchtower is seen at the end, resembling the Hall of Justice on an asteroid. In the premiere episode of the series Young Justice animated series "Independence Day," Speedy , in a moment of frustration, mentions the Watchtower as the 'real headquarters' for the Justice League. It was first seen in the episode Agendas and it appears to be built on an asteroid in Earth orbit. A Watchtower-like space station appears in the game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Of course, the truth is that songs do at times use notes that are outside their scale.


The majority of the songs you hear on the radio really do stick almost entirely to their scale. This chapter will discuss one of the ways this is done and show you how to incorporate these techniques into your own songs. In the chapter on seventh chords, you were introduced to one way that the basic chords could be extended to give your musical ideas more complexity. In this chapter, we will learn about several other ways to alter and extend chords that can create some surprisingly beautiful sounds.

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We hope this will help you unlock some of the potential in the tools that you have at your disposal. Up to this point, the songs we have been learning to write have all been based around the major scale. The set of chords that are formed from the notes in this scale gives rise to a vast and interesting sonic space through which one can explore. It is not, however, the only space available to you as a songwriter to work in. In this chapter, we will introduce the minor scale and discuss the techniques that go into writing a great song based around it.

In the previous chapter, we learned about the new musical possibilities that are opened through the use of the minor scale.

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We also learned that while the minor scale can be thought of as a separate entity in its own right, it is also useful to understand it as a shifted version of the major scale that begins on scale degree 6. However, there are five other notes, and any of these notes can be used as the tonal center of a song. Hey there. We all have Ph. Ds from U. Our shared passion for music and education led to the creation of Hooktheory in The complete essential toolset for crafting effective and compelling chord progressions and melodies like professional musicians. Includes Hookpad , the intelligent musical sketchpad and companion songwriting software to the Hooktheory Book Series designed to help you get the most out of the books.

This version gets a little slurry on the words I sure didn't notice at the time and knots itself up into pretty bows that take their own sweet time unravelling before the bridge, but the feel and shuffle of it are just right. Garcia rears back for the final shout out and solo before Drumzpais and it's On Beyond Zebra. It was all you. All those little moments get sorta summed up with the crowd filing out into the hillside stairs and parking fields still clapping that Bo Diddly Beat 10, 15, 30 minutes later, not fading away to their bonfires and coolers of Ice Cold Imports, Vegg'rrrritos and glossy-eyed friends.

Now shoeless and perhaps mysteriously injured, they we sort out what just went down and mentally prepare to re-assimilate into our former culture. Good times. Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 7, Subject: This recording is good Great Show. Reviewer: laptap3r - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 13, Subject: Not sped up thinsoul said: "Are they energetic, using a vocal harmonizor, or is the tape sped up? Reviewer: mahey - favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 27, Subject: Dear Sirs especially iowanic who fails to understand anything it seems.

Strangely I harken from that great state as well. Reviewer: blucat13 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 15, Subject: weirdness The rumors before the show were all about the boys playing a 3-set night, so when they busted throwin' to kick off the second set, everyone around was electrified. I've been reigniting my love affair with them a bit lately through listening to shows on the Archive, which has been fun. But I'd never really listened to anything from the 90s, so I thought I'd give this one a shot because it came highly recommended by someone on DeadNet. And I have to say It sounds like a bad Grateful Dead cover band.

If you like this stuff--and I'm sure many people found it utterly magical--I hear this is a good one to check out.

Reviewer: Skippy61 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 15, Subject: who cares??