Optimization and Security Challenges in Smart Power Grids (Energy Systems)

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To predict and prevent energy theft and as a result money loss, big energy companies and corporations monitor energy flows to react immediately to some suspicious matters.

With this purpose, the companies owners tend to shift to Advanced Metering Infrastructures, which are capable of reporting on the energy use instances and remote controlling. Smart Grid security solutions are gaining extreme popularity. Preventive equipment maintenance relies on the monitoring of the current equipment condition and performance level under normal operating conditions. This monitoring is called upon to prevent equipment failure by predicting possible failure occurrence on the basis of specific metrics.

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To get the maximum return on investments and to use complex machines and equipment at the peak of their efficiency, the companies dealing with energy distribution and utilities have been applying preventive equipment maintenance for decades. Smart data solutions, sensors, and trackers are used to collect the defined metrics, process and analyze the data. On the basis of the output the smart systems alert the energy outage, the poor functioning of the mechanisms and urge people to take right and immediate decisions.

Under conditions of a constant search for renewable energy sources and the need to use energy efficiently, smart energy management is at the peak of its popularity. A key to successful energy management lays in the balance between demand and supply.

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Both high and low demand rates cause a lot of problems and costs for both energy providers and consumers. Therefore, demand response is a strategy that has proved its efficiency over time. Specific real-time management applications and solutions allow monitoring metrics of energy use, define the activity pick and adjust the energy flow to the current demand rate. Moreover, there exist response management programs encouraging consumers to use energy at a specific time and save money. Thus, consumers get a chance to shift to a better pricing program and providers get an opportunity to achieve the desired balance in energy provision.

Optimization and Security Challenges in Smart Power Grids

Energy and utility companies do not lack behind the others. They strive to bring visibility into the service provision process, billing and payment operations, improve quality and eliminate delays, misunderstanding or disputable issues.

Cyber Security, AI & Energy - Evolving Critical Infrastructure While Ensuring A Secure Energy Grid

Companies use a whole bunch of applications and software to manage numerous customers, billing, payment, invoicing. Customers, in their turn, have an opportunity to monitor the transaction as well. The operational management software tracks operational activity and transactions in real-time and takes immediate actions in terms of billing, payment, prepaid and postpaid services, and communication services.

Efficiency by its very meaning presupposes completion of particular tasks in a shorter period of time than before. The fast pace of modern life and daily matters makes people desire efficiency in everything. Energy and utility companies use smart data application and software to detect the matters, operations and functions worth of optimization.

Real-time monitoring provides data concerning time, activity rate, state of some operations. The data is processed in combination with the external factors to define the average efficiency. Data science here is used for modeling of various situations and prediction of possible efficiency rates under various circumstances. All possible failures or delays in energy supply, unplanned service interruption or complications result in inefficiency. This inefficiency may be prevented or at least taken under control by monitoring of performance and assets. Real-time data concerning assets health, supply and demand analysis helps to improve asset performance.

Data-driven and business analytics tools and software are used to monitor conditions, costs, and performance, as well as to define scoring methods and the areas of critical priority. Thus, they enhance the reliability, capacity, and availability of the assets and minimize costs. The more data you have, the more you can do to manage the assets better.

The growing ability of terrorists to readily collect intelligence and identify infrastructural weak spots makes electrical grids more susceptible to sabotage. When it comes to targeting the US electrical grid, however, it could be possible to collect all the information needed, as publicly available trade journals disclose where new electrical facilities are being constructed.

These journals document the transmission capacity of switching stations and the geographic areas for which they are responsible. Terrorists have long realized disrupting the US information infrastructure is a far less risky strategy than traditional military combat. The internet, for example, gives terrorists a readily available, mostly unguarded corridor where they can hide their location, select their entryway, and mask their identity. Indeed, a recent intelligence report by the US Army confirmed popular micro-blogging services, such as Twitter and MySpace, Global Positioning System maps, and voice-changing software are all possible terrorist tools.

The internet is an ideal arena for fundraising, recruitment, and data mining. The US Institute of Peace points out the variety of reasons terrorist networks use the internet to gather intelligence for planning and coordinating attacks. DoD has banned the virtual globe, map, and geographic information program, Google Earth, from making detailed street-level video maps of American military bases.


In January, , clearly visible Google Earth images of British military bases were discovered in the homes of Iraqi insurgents. The real-time status of images depends upon the feature, but because Google Earth is viewed as an effective program to help identify the parts of the US electricity transmission system most vulnerable to extreme weather, terrorists realize an opportunity to exploit.

Smart Grid will simultaneously expand the infrastructure for transporting electricity and present a more physically challenging infrastructure to protect.

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Smart Grid risk management involves three crucial steps: 1 assess threats 2 detect vulnerabilities and 3 gauge the risk and identify countermeasures. The fact many of the aforementioned intrusions were detected by US intelligence agencies and not by the companies in charge of the infrastructure indicates federal programs to protect computer networks must expand out to the private level. For Smart Grid to be successfully deployed, physical security and cyber security must succeed together, or both will fail.

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Computational Methods for Residential Energy Cost Optimization in Smart Grids: A Survey

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