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Children’s Participation in Planning and Regeneration
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Each lesson plan is built around one or more core activities, which are highlighted in bold. You can easily adapt the ideas contained in each lesson to fit lesson time available and the requirements of your students. Simply select the activities you wish to use, and then use the delivery ideas for each one to structure your own lesson plan.

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This lesson explores students' current knowledge and understanding, and gathers their attitudes towards and beliefs about the importance of recycling and how that impacts on their recycling behaviour. This lesson explores the consequences of students' decisions to recycle or bin their rubbish. Some local and global environmental impacts of how we use resources, and how our actions and choices can change our effect on the world for the better, are considered.

Each question is aligned to common core standards, and evaluated to match or exceed the rigor of our hardest summative exams.

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As such, their results give us a breakdown of the specific skills our students must improve upon to be college ready. We value the Open Ended Response Questions in particular , as they not only correspond to necessary state and national standards, but also allow students to demonstrate their grasp of higher order thinking , and their ability to support a conclusion with evidence. We'd conduct a stack analysis of open responses, but we didn't analyze each and every student response.

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And those gatekeeper tests were telling many of us that we were closing the achievement gaps for our students. Then the Common Core hit. Students were asked to do more rigorous reading, writing, and problem solving. Many schools like ours got a slap in the face when new, more rigorous state tests revealed that students weren't doing true college prep work. We realized that in college and beyond , writing is the coin of the realm.

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To ensure our students could not just enter but succeed in college, they had to be able to write really well. I feel that we've entered data driven instruction 2. Fast, affordable, and high-quality grading and feedback support. The ReGeneration leadership team knew that interim assessments have the potential to serve as a powerful tool for teachers, administrators and students.

The rigor of the exams is impressive and their focus on comprehension, analytical and problem-solving skills, and writing serves students well in preparation for PARCC. As Elissa explains,. Empowering teachers with robust performance data and the gift of time.

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Each lesson uses a video along with downloadable classroom activities. Access all of our lessons plans and teaching resources, for free, on the WRAP. Regeneration Lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test /quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach Regeneration.

Within each assessment, students complete a number of short response and extended response question types. Two weeks before the assessments, ReGeneration provides all testing materials including rubrics, prompts, and assessment booklets across grade levels.

The Graide Network is responsible for implementing robust norming exercises across Graiders at each grade level to ensure that scoring data is normed, accurate, and reliable. The Graide Network delivers a sub one-week turnaround on all work, including make-up exams. Scoring reports are delivered to ReGeneration two days before a network-wide PD day, so the instructional leadership team has time to upload and analyze data in their School Information System and use it to enhance teacher training and supports. Is our curriculum weak regarding a particular standard?

Should we departmentalize our lower grades?

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Is a change we made previously adversely affecting student performance? You may choose to have students complete a viewing guide while they watch. Here's the one I wrote to accompany the lecture. Name three cell types that are constantly replaced. What organ did Prometheus have to regenerate each night, according to myth? Approximately what fraction of the cells in our bone marrow are stem cells?

List three animals that have a high degree of regenerative capacity. Stem cells in planaria are termed platyhelmintheblasts bioblasts neoblasts 6. How long does it take for a salamander to replace a lost limb? Give three reasons why the salamander may regenerate a limb, but the severed limb will not regrow the rest of the salamander. Which has more regenerative ability, muscle or bone?

The genetic disorder the lecturer describes is cystic fibrosis sickle cell anemia muscular dystrophy The research described by the lecturer involved injecting Mdx mice with bone marrow stem cells. Transgenic mouse pups genetically enhanced to produce more insulin-like growth factor were bred with Mdx mice, yielding mice that had the mouse form of muscular dystrophy AND produce more IGF Discuss the "Planaria Regeneration" video clip with students.

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