Ive Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial Killer

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Susan D Mustafa. Walmart Add to List. Add to Registry. The South Louisiana Serial Killer dramatically tells the story of Lee's life and follows the timeline of his reign of terror over South Louisiana.

“The FBI believes it is important to seek justice for each victim—to close every case possible.”

See More It was at the height of the slayings, and it has definitely been imprinted in my memory from this day forward. Fiction His killing spree began in and ended in , and claimed the lives of seven women. The Sexy Serial Killer. Lee is believed to have murdered several other women in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Book Description AuthorHouse.

Readers will become intimately acquainted with the seven victims who have been linked to Lee by DNA, along with the frustrated investigators who could not catch this diabolical killer. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. This recounting also details the murders of ten other women who were not connected by DNA, but whom these authors believe should be included on the list of Lee's victims due to strong circumstantial evidence" -- publisher website October Geralyn's clenched fist, frozen in death away from her body, held her secret.

She was telling us how hard she fought. She was telling us who her killer is.

Just open my hand. Just open my hand, and you'll know who did it to me. As her young, strong heart pumped its last blood out of the holes he cut out of her, she fought.

A New Documentary Asks: Who Killed These 8 Women In Louisiana?

And in the fight, he took her life, her body. But he could not take her honor. She preserved her honor by the way she lived and the way she died. That fight is not over, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Charlotte Murray Pace has brought her fight to you. This recounting also details the murders of ten other women who were not connected by DNA, but whom these authors believe should be included on the list of Lee's victims due to strong circumstantial evidence.

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There are many unanswered questions regarding these series of killings. How did Lee find his victims, and why did he choose them? Why didn't the Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force believe he was the killer when his name was brought repeatedly to its attention? What evil possessed him to rape and murder so many women? All of these questions are answered as I've Been Watching You journeys for more than a decade through the small towns and swamps of South Louisiana to create a graphic accounting of Lee's vicious rapes and homicides. I've Been Watching You vividly paints the portrait of this monster and the beautiful women who died as a result of his twisted compulsion to kill.

Specifications Publisher Authorhouse. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Ann Pace's daughter, Charlotte, was the second of five women linked to the serial killer. Pace joins us from Jackson, Mississippi. Good evening. Thanks for being with us. And about six weeks later the body of Pam Kinamore was found under a bridge about 30 miles from Baton Rouge. There she is. Pam Kinamore was an antiques dealer.

She was just 44 years old. Lynn Marino is her mother.

Derrick Todd Lee - Baton Rouge Serial Killer - Documentary

She's been very active in pushing the police in the investigation, and she joins us, as well, from New Orleans. Good evening to both of you. Ann, I want to start off with you. It's been a year since your daughter Charlotte was killed. How has this year been knowing that the killer is out there? It is hideous knowing he's out there, and there's been an awful cycle of waiting between victims, knowing that the next one is going to come.

Read I've Been Watching You The South Louisiana Serial Killer (Epub Kindle) by gaelbv5mckee - Issuu

And as I thought about it recently I discovered that Derrick Lee had three felony convictions by the time -- by and my burning question at this moment is, what happened to the judicial system and why was he ever there to murder any of these women? Why was he not in prison? As you look at the investigation as it's transpired, do you think it's been too slow? I've said from the beginning, they don't know how to connect the dots and the sad part is they didn't want any help. They were offered expert help pro bono and they weren't interested.

They even, today in the press conference they had the attorney general said three different times, we never go into a case unless we're invited. Well, that's how these other three victims' names came out from Zachary and Brobridge, they were invited to come and look at these past murders, Connie Warner dating from The task force has never invited anybody to come in and give any kind of assistance and we never have understood that.

COOPER: Ann, I read somewhere that you once said that, really, throughout this last year that you could almost lie in bed at night and hear the killer breathing. PACE: It's a terrible awareness. I wish I didn't have it. You can't -- I can't stop thinking about him and being just a constant 24 hour, seven day a week awareness than he's out there and you feel like he's breathing -- he's a huge darkness just breathing in your ear.

I'm sorry, Lynn, go ahead. Lynn, why do you think it did take so long in your words to connect the dots? Why were they so hesitant, in your opinion, to announce that this was a serial killing? The crime scene, the basic things at the crime scene.

Samuel Little: Confessions of a Killer

I feel that the initial murders were not properly investigated. I think they assumed that these were single women and, you know, it was a boyfriend or somebody they invited in and that was the end of the story. I don't think they had a homicide detective with the experience to go in there and do old-fashioned police work. That's, I think, one of the biggest mistakes they made.

I appreciate you sharing your experiences over this horrible nightmare. Thank you very much for being with us.

I've Been Watching You : The South Louisiana Serial Killer

COOPER: You just heard the mothers saying they thought this investigation took far too long, in their words to, connect the dots. As you see the investigation, was it too slow? What went wrong?

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The problem in our country is that serial homicide investigation is completely done wrong. Most of the time it is looked as a single crime so police keep it very quiet. They don't go to the community. They look for that boyfriend, that bad drug deal. They don't look at every sexual homicide as a possible serial homicide, a possible serial killer and get right out there to the community and say, hey, this woman was killed yesterday at this time, this is what happened, who do you know?

Your cousin, your friend, your relative who acted strange yesterday? BROWN: Well, because most serial killers live right in the community and people do recognize their odd behaviors, and because we don't know who it is.

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You know, it's a stranger homicide. It's not someone that we automatically know is connected to a victim, like a boyfriend, in which case you have a suspect. If we have a whole community and we don't know who it is, we need the community to tell us who the guy is, who we should be looking at before he disappears.

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In the past you have said that whoever this killer is, is an angry retaliatory killer. What does that mean? He's a typical serial killer, and anger retaliatory serial killer is your usual type. And that simply means that he gets to a point in his life where he thinks things are falling apart and he wants some kind of control and he goes out into, usually, his own community and he stalks and kills women.

This guy, Mr. Lee has the perfect background. He's got the peeping Tom, he's got the stalking, he's got the burglary, which is sometimes just a version of a rape, and he's got all these things. He's already been out there. People know his behaviors, people -- and he was turned in apparently by a tip from a family member, so they knew what he was like.

No one knew who he was. Since the police had not gone right to the community and asked who is this guy? And he'd gotten away with it, apparently.