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With magic, glamour, tradition and grit, our walls represent our city and reflect the people who live here. Take a look behind the curtain to get to know the Fox Theatre. Find your own story through ours, brought to life by the people that make up our great city;.


I would argue this, from personal experience. When a gun—or, specifically, an assault rifle—is used domestically, it is an act of terror. Instead, what we have now is an American political battle in which Republicans, despite all of their open hideousness, essentially OWN the mantle of capitalism. Contact us Legal. It sold chatbot technology to Deutsche Telekom in , for example. Their lives, which I managed, somehow, to eventually escape, were so fucked up, they either died from some excess-initiated ailment alcohol, drugs, etc or they pitted themselves into situations of risk. But when a person, a real living being, moves between contexts, there is always a risk: the physical body misreads the situation, and the entire framework ruptures.

Diverse cultures make Atlanta magical and the Fox Theatre welcomes them all. With a variety of shows to serve all communities, the Fox is the home of mesmerizing moments in entertainment. She is a passionate advocate for the Latinx community and an ambitious creative. I was hungry, but not for produce.

I was hungry for him, in his well-worn jeans, Yankees cap slightly askew.

I pulled my cart alongside his and started lasciviously squeezing a peach. I told him my name, asked him his likes and dislikes in fruit, sports, presidential candidates and women. I talked so quickly I barely had time to hear his answers.


But by the time I got home, the darkness had already descended. I just left them on the counter to rot or not rot — what did it matter?

I tumbled into bed as I was, and stayed there. My body felt as if I had been dipped in slow-drying concrete.

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It was all I could do to draw a breath in and push it back out, over and over. I would have cried from the sheer monotony of it, but tears were too much effort. On Saturday afternoon the phone rang. I was still in bed, and had to force myself to roll over, pick it up and mutter hello. I vaguely remembered talking to someone who fit that description, but it seemed a lifetime ago. But my conscience knew better. When Jeff showed up at 7, I was dressed and ready, but more for a funeral than a date.

But I opened the door, and even held up my cheek to be kissed. I took no pleasure in the feel of his lips on my skin.

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Pleasure was for the living. I had nothing to say, not then or at dinner. Birds were trilling outside my window, a song no doubt created especially for me. I flung back the covers and danced in my nightie — my gray flannel prison-issue nightie. I caught one glimpse of it in the mirror, shuddered, and flung it off, too. I rifled through my closet for something decent to wear, but everything I put my hands on was wrong, wrong, wrong.

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"I Am What I Am" is a song originally introduced in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles. The song is the finale number of the. I Am What I Am may refer to: Albums[edit]. I Am What I Am (George Jones album) · I Am What I Am (Mark Morrison EP) · I Am What I Am (Merle Haggard album).

For starters, it was all black. I hated black, even more than I hated gray. Redheads should be true to their colors, whatever the cost.

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I dug deeper, and there, shoved way in the back, was a pair of skin-tight jeans and something silky and sparkly and just what I needed: an exquisite gold sequined shirt. I slipped it on and preened for a minute. Damn, I looked good. Then I tugged on the jeans.

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