Fresh Expressions in the Mission of the Church

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It considers: How do fresh expressions relate to parish and local churches, and to the overall ministry and mission of the Church?

How and when does a fresh expression become a church in its own right? How might fresh expressions develop a spiritual and sacramental life that respects the past, yet affirms their pioneering context?

A Fresh Expression is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church. Fresh Expressions is an international movement of missionary disciples cultivating new kinds of church alongside existing congregations to more effectively engage our growing post-Christian society. Beginning in as an initiative of the Church of England and the British Methodist Church, the movement has resulted in the birth of thousands of new communities in the United Kingdom alone and brought renewal to scores of established churches.

What are fresh expressions of church?

In , the movement began taking shape in the United States. Fresh Expressions Grant Application. A majority of people who do not attend church believe in God, but for a variety of reasons will not visit a traditional church setting.

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Fresh Expressions empowers conventional churches to connect with their neighbors in new ways. A Fresh Expression is a cost effective way to launch new faith communities. Lay persons of the church can launch and lead fresh expressions.

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