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Embers of the Dead (Eric Ward)
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The year brought Holo Pleasures, a six-song EP that boosted the group's profile and helped bring the band to the attention of Run for Cover Records.

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Group founder Cothran also records solo material as Mathew Lee Cothran, and also has an additional side project, Gremlins. The band, who he's been playing live shows with since last year, seems to react almost instinctively: the militia-like drums push forward, while the guitar chords cast weird and warped shadows. Performing with the group had repeatedly shown a real energy added to the songs.

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Will we as humans ever be able to achieve it, or are we enslaved by our past, unwilling to accept? Jarman, Joseph and Douglas Ewart Ewart only. She then began inventorying the unarranged materials, such as the majority of the Executive Files and Correspondence collection. Of particular interest are original concert recordings and video footage of interviews with prominent artists of the era. Time of the Season [Time Life 1]. It is my lifetime goal to purely translate the music in my mind, to my hands and then onto the keyboard.

Bringing that spirit of collaborating and the exchange of ideas into the studio felt like the only natural step for us. Stimulate Your Senses! Returning to Stimulate after an intense gig with GOD MODULE in , These hellions of Hollywood are supporting their new "Theophany" and "Daemonolatry Gnosis" albums, resurrecting the sounds and visions of horror, hatred, sexual perversion and other shocking content that is spewed forth in the form of Metal which was created to reflect upon the birth of death, impurity and failure.

Now the plague has come to corrupt the flesh of man.

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Welcome to this breathing vision of Hell where Nightmare become reality. Montreal-based industrial metal group, Projekt F, are well-known for their emotionally intense music and powerful stage theatrics. Founded in , they have been coined as "the heavy brother of Nine Inch Nails", commanding as much visual attention as it does musical. They have sharing the stage with internationally known artists such as Motionless in White, Combichrist, Dope, and many more.

Krztoff is also a member of legendary revolving door industrial-supergroup 'Pigface', lending his guitar and vocal expertise. Xris SMack! Make an effort - Dress to Impress! Contemporary Christian: Kindle Store

Venus Pain Creations? The two longtime friends, who have been playing and writing together since high school, both share a burning passion for music as well as a discontent with the current state of it especially rock. And so they formed a band to establish a new direction, combining all sorts of genres into one band. They named it Newborn.

Eric is a pharmacist and Allen pursued a pre-PT track for four years before deciding to pursue music full time. After months of looking for a drummer, they finally found year-old Blake Suben, and Newborn became a reality. The trio's five-song debut EP, Broken Virgo, will be out in early It will feature traditional American music, including popular songs of the 19th-century, drinking tunes, war tributes and sea chanteys, all encouraging you to sing along. Museum tour, complimentary beverages, and historic cocktail tasting included.

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Singing together can be closer than touching. You were born singing. You have been singing since the beginning of time. Through our voices we connect, align, vibrate, express, process, remember, forget, wish, apologize, forgive, go into altered states, heal ourselves and each other, flee, find, talk to dead grandfathers, lure each other into love, become our own mothers, and paint the room with iridescence If you can speak, then you can sing - even if you have only ever croaked out thin ratchety wisps of songs and especially if your mom told you that you were tone-deaf in the fourth grade.

If you are a great singer, come because you love singing, the more the merrier.

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We sound like ourselves here. What will we sound like together? Let's feel things. At Voice Church we learn, over time, the body awareness and sensations which signal healthy singing. We engage in the long-standing, frequently challenging, and utterly worthwhile process of restoring the alignment of our vocal instruments.

We learn about vocal health and vocal sustainability. She is a prominent interpreter of experimental classical music in the US and Europe, and a gypsy street artist.

As the principal singer at the House of Yes, she has most likely brought you to tears and perhaps to your knees in Ketamine: the Musical, The Xmas Spectacular and many more. To share a room with her is already a healing magical experience, to sing with her is a rare privilege. The event is donation based. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia will not be tolerated at our House. All entrances and spaces within the venue are single-level and handicap accessible.

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Gender neutral bathrooms are easily located in the main room. You will join a group of highs, mids, or lows, and by the end of the night, master three-part harmonies for a pop song or two. Every session is recorded so a video or audio clip can be shared with friends, family, and fans.

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Dear Prudence takes their tunes and re arranges them in a Psychedelic Rocking Grunge Symphonic style Pearl Jam……Deep Purple Vanilla Fudge Our Rocking Symphonic Psychedelic Grunge with a touch of Mozart, Beethoven interpretation of some of the Beatles greatest rock tunes will keep you mesmerized. Patrick's tribute to Elvis has traveled from casinos to corporate shows all across the country, Europe and Canada.

His incredible tribute recreates the Spirit of Elvis Presley and brings it back to the stage with true respect to the "King of Rock N Roll. He also has the interaction with his audiences that make them feel like their watching the real thing live which makes each show a memorable one. After each show you will see him socializing with the fans and obliging with everyone conversation and photos. He is truly a genuine, hardworking performer that takes his craft very seriously. Michael Franti knows all about the power of music. He knows how it can inspire, uplift and make people want to dance or cry.

2 hours of Contemporary Christian Music vol. 1

To let them know, your mission in life should be to be yourself and to embrace the diversity of others. It explains the evolution of sound on All People, colossal dance beats and dizzying electronic effects taking the fore, as well as a lyrical sincerity that has always had Franti singing about what moves him most. All People is the follow-up to Franti's wildly successful release, "The Sound of Sunshine", his highest charting album to date.

Recorded primarily at his home with guitarist J Bowman, the two recorded some 35 songs before settling on the final track list for All People. For the first time, Franti reached out to collaborate with various writers and producers. But when it works, it's magic. But he also really knows the pop realm. His outrage can be heard on tracks like "" and "Say Goodbye," which was inspired by the Trayvon Martin shooting. Instead, Franti has both widened his scope of the world and pulled in closer for his most intimate moments.

Many of the love songs on All People are born from his relationship with his partner Sara. It's rare to find someone who accepts you being your own authentic self. In the past I didn't always give space for the broad spectrum of emotion, but this time I made an effort to write about everything I experience. Of the sound on All People Franti says, "My favorite artists were great at pop form. I don't think I've changed what I do. I just realized I can do it simpler and more direct.

Embers Of The Dead (Eric Ward) by Roy Lewis

The singer regularly brings down the barrier between the performers on stage and the people in the audience; whether venturing into the crowd to slap hands or pulling fans up to dance, sing and play along with the band. He's a dynamic performer who effortlessly moves tens of thousands of people with his invocations.

Watching him, you can't help but think about how much he delights in every moment. From his beginnings in the post-punk band the Beatings and critically acclaimed hip-hop group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy who toured with U2 and Public Enemy Franti has remained a devoted defender of the underdog. For a decade, Franti hosted the Power to the Peaceful free concerts in San Francisco, at first to support incarcerated political activist Mumia Abu Jamal, then as a platform to speak out against escalating violence around the globe.

He's made several trips to hot spots in the Middle East to see war's human toll with his own eyes. I'd rather go play music in a school, prison or war zone. Those are the ways I choose to affect change.

Embers of the Dead by Roy Lewis (Hardback, 2005)

It was another moment that changed his perspective on songwriting, leading to the triumphant tone of All People.