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The Top 10 Best Audio Mixers for the Money
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If you do have the cash to invest in something huge to really separate your mixes from the rest of the music recording and performance world, the StudioLive series by PreSonus should be taken seriously.

Analog Mixer Basics

For some additional channels, you can also check out the The PreSonus StudioLive This is one of the best powered mixers out there. For mic preamps, you have 8 of them as well as 10 line outputs to give you some options.

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For power in the amps, there is W per channel which is quite feasible for most applications out there. The Express 1 has 16 channels and mic pre-amps re-callable , 4 line ins, 4 internal stereo FX returns, and the ability to use up to 66 processing channels with the expansion slot of 64 x Each channel also has its own dedicated processing high pass, delay, gate, compressor and 4-band EQ.

For 24 channels you can check out their Si Expression 2 or for 32 of them their Si Expression 3 , for more money of course. It has an integrated Wi-Fi module see that antenna?

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The build is also great because it has rack ears and protection bumpers, which is great for stage boxes and rackmount chassis. Made by Peavey the PV1 is an all-in-one powered professional mixer with the latest technological features. Another Peavey exclusive is the Kosmos which provides awesome enhancements to both the low and high end of the audio spectrum.

Small Mixing Board Feature Comparison

On top of this, there is the Feedback Locating System which is used in combination with the 9 band graphic equalizer. The 24 bit digital effects are icing to the cake, on what is an extremely versatile mixer. The Presonus StudioLive Audio Mixer is a user-friendly mixer that has 16 input channels with 4 stereo and 12 mic preamps, It also has 4 aux and 2 internal buses. It is ideal for small crowds, and the best mixer in its price range for a studio.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

SIP is potentially disastrous if engaged accidentally during a performance, as it will mute all the channels except one, so most consoles require the operator to take very deliberate actions to engage SIP. When choosing the best small mixer for live performance I consider several factors. This is a huge plus in my book. Webb Lincoln UK. Have used it a couple of times connected to active speakers, 4 microphones and an IPOD.

It features a built-in FireWire interface for every channel and bus. Despite having all these features, it is quite light and can be mounted on a rack.

Is this TINY MIXER perfect for SYNTHS? First Look at BASTL DUDE

This is a unique audio mixer that is plug-in ready and features a lithium ion battery that is integrated into its form factor. The battery is rechargeable, allowing you to attach it to any USB port to charge. This battery lasts over 4 hours but the mixer can be left plugged in a USB adapter or computer. It is perfect for budding musicians and has faders that are rotary style and are solid and compact.

It features a 2-band EQ, 2 stereo inputs, and output monitor jacks. It also has the 18V phantom power for the mic that delivers a smooth high-quality sound. There is also an additional line that is used for external digital recordings. This powerful mixer features 2, watt amplifiers with 14 inputs. The first 6 inputs have a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids while the rest have a 3-band EQ with fixed mid frequency It is the ideal mixer for DJs and bands due to its graphic equalizer and SPX digital effects. It is ruggedly built with a steel case, and can be mounted permanently making it suitable for most environments including road travel.

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This enables it to deliver high-end quality sound. It features mic preamps that have a wide frequency range, and has the Feedback Channel Locator FCL that gives immediate visual feedback. You can use the main left and right outputs for the amplifiers then leave the watts for the main speakers or for monitors as needed. To keep the unit cool, the amplifiers have small fans that work quietly, and the amplifiers use the Yamaha Signal Processing circuitry to optimize performance with Yamaha Club Series speakers.

It has high impedance inputs designed specifically for plugging in guitars and 16 time-delay effects. It has 2 stereo inputs for MP3 players or keyboards. This software is the first FX modeling software that has a customizable and expandable preamp and system. It has 4 line inputs with 2 of them being Class A FET, and an extremely high input impedance ensuring that loading on pick-ups is minimal, and it has a Class A FET field effect transistor high impedance preamps.

A 48V phantom power for mics and inputs for 2-track stereo playback replay are also featured in this mixer.

Good call. As a passive mixer it is lossy, of course, but if you're going into proper desk channels it shouldn't be a problem making the gain up. I still keep one of these around for the odd job or two and it's a useful device. Not sure you'd grab one under budget, but you may strike lucky.

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I'm still looking for the right mixer. One thing is that I've decided that rackmount is definitely preferable thank you for that input Hugh. I know none of that should matter a jot really, but personally I like a nice jack socket and I've got enough cable faff in my life already. This may be prejudicial on my part and although for good reasons based on models from 20 years or so back it may be a concern I can drop if anyone knows better.

Portable Audio Mixer

Has anyone used one? I'd be interested to hear opinions on it.


A real audio recording mixer is great, either digital or analog. and want a little bit of both DAW control as well as digital mixing capabilities. A small audio mixer is perfect for musicians with smaller PA set ups, those using backing tracks and studio owners who just want something small to mix their sound with.​ Here’s are some of our favourite small audio mixers in price ascending order.​ Alto Zephyr ZMX52 5 Channel Mixing.

I definitely wouldn't record through a chain of mixers.